Health of the Breed

This stunning and unique breed is steeped in history and it should be no surprise that breeders and owners are passionate about their health and breeding for the future.

We hope to inform, direct and link to sites that may help you with any health problems you wish to explore or that we have found within the breed. It should be noted that compared to other breeds the PWD is healthy and with ongoing care of breeding it should remain that way.


Alongside the wealth of information our committee members hold, a new post has been introduced from the Kennel Club of a Health Co-ordinator.


Find out more about the role here or contact our Health Co-ordinator, Wendy Smith, via email

Health Testing

Many health problems can affect any breed and the use of available health tests can not only assist the breeder to make informed breeding decisions but also add valuable information to build our breeds genetic profile for the future.


Breeders will be considering the health of the stud dog they wish to use and the bitch to breed from. There are specific tests available. 

Also find below information on some other health conditions 

Health Research

Part of learning about our breed is the sharing of information so new knowledge can be acquired and a confidential record kept by the club. In the coming year we hope to explore our breeds health using a health questionnaire /survey.

If you have an active interest in taking part in research then these 2 projects are currently available:

  • GOdogs - Investigating the genetics of obesity in dogs 

  • Generation Pup - The first study to follow all breeds of dog throughout their lives