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History of the Portuguese Water Dog in the UK

1979 and 1980

Two pairs of Portuguese Water Dogs were imported into Britain.

ARCO VAL NEGRO and BALALAIKA DE ALVALADE went to Trish Gilpin to begin the Glenwhin Kennels.

DEVIL and DANA ALVALADE went to Paddy Holbrook O'Hara, where they had a litter in 1981. They then went to Pat Jones to begin the Cartmel Portuguese Water Dogs.

From Balalaika, Devil and Dana came many of the Water Dogs of today. Arco sadly did not contribute - a big loss to the start of the British Portuguese Water Dog

The first litters

The first Cartmel litter was born 5th October 1982. Glenwhin litter was born 23rd October 1983. Both litters were sired by Devil.

Devil and Dana were from the last litters bred by Dr. Cabral. Arco was from the first litter bred by Carla Molinari.

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