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Rescue Dogs

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The club rescue is dedicated to finding suitable matches for Portuguese Water Dogs in need of rehoming.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering a Portuguese Water Dog, please complete our Application Form. We will keep your details on file and will get in touch if any suitable matches come into our care. 

If you can no longer care for your PWD please reach out to our Welfare Co-ordinator. We may be able to offer you support in working through any difficulties and should you require rehoming we can assist with fostering or kennels, assessment, matching and transportation.


Please send all enquiries to the Welfare Co-ordinator via



👧 No children under 16

🐱 No cats

🐶 Sociable but best as an only dog

Moss is a typical 1.5yo PWD who is boisterous and testing boundaries. She is confident and sociable with dogs and people, but is quite dominant in her current home with her littermate so is best suited to living as an only dog for now. 

Moss is based in Bristol and is being rehomed by her breeder with support from the club rescue




👧 No children under 18

🐱 Not cat tested

🐶 Sociable but best as an only dog 

Sammy is a 6yo PWD who requires a high level of structure and management. He is a friendly and boisterous boy but does have issues with overstimulation and anxiety. 

He has an obsession with soft textiles and will eat socks and clothes if left lying around, so he needs a family who will manage his environment to avoid unnecessary vet bills. 

He is positively muzzle trained and it is imperative that his training with a behaviourist continues in his new home for him to adapt and thrive in a new environment. 

353075704_789296639498798_8086429503887744111_n (1).jpeg



Lola is an 8 year old PWD whose family's change of circumstances sadly means she is not getting thee time and energy they feel she deserves. 

She is a calm and well rounded girl who is excellent with children and dogs. 



Benji is a 12 month old PWD who is typical for his age. He is full of energy and is struggling with his recall and lead walking, so needs someone who is willing to put the time and training he needs.

Benji is good with dogs and people and is currently based in Derbyshire. 




George is now living in Solihull with his two human brothers. He enjoys playing with his terrier cousin




Marlo has moved to his new home with PWD sister Bodhi in Cumbria.



Pablo is now living with Andy  and Helen who are helping him work through some of his  anxieties and behavioural issues.

Pablo pic1.jpeg



Arna has now gone to her home to join PWD brother Zarco in the lovely Bedfordshire countryside. We can't wait to see the adventures they get up to!

IMG_20210508_191418 2.jpg



Sammy has now joined two PWDs Gem and Stan who have welcomed him into their home.




Diggory has now found a lovely new home with his big brother Standard Poodle Jake. New owner, Jim is giving him the sofa he deserves.



Raff has now found his forever home with his family in Cumbria where he is enjoying beautiful countryside walks and swimming in the lakes. 




Sushi has now found her forever home with a lovely family and has joined them and their PWD Sonny in Norfolk. 

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