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Talk with Guest speaker and practical session for water trails

Friday 2nd September 2022 at 11am to 4pm


Lake 32 Outdoor Centre
Spratsgate lane



11am to 12noon talk by Silvino Macau visiting from Portugal  Silvino Macau

12:00 noon bring and share lunch

1:00 to 4pm practical session



Members £20 (up to 2 dogs to take part in practical session additional dogs £5)

Non-Member £25 up to 2 dogs to take part in practical session additional dogs £5)


Guest speaker:

Been a  judge for the water trails in Portugal since  2000 and had actively participated in the development of the regulations then and had since  judged them across Europe

The day is an informal get-to-know water work with a practical session. We ask that people bring a wetsuit’s, if you do not have one we recommended wearing long t-shirt leggings as sometimes the dogs can scratch you accidentally when they are in the water.  Wetsuit are better designed for water wearing!

If you have your own buoyancy aid if they have one, the lake has asked that these are worn in the water, but this is not a problem if they do not as we will be able to supply one.


We only have hire of a field, so if people can bring tables and chairs etc, the center does have changing facilities and toilets.


The centre has asked if dogs can stay on leads, but they totally understand that for the water work the dog will be off lead, with the owner and we have permission for this to happen one at a time.  We do have permission to use our working tools in the water as part of the practical session, the water tools will be supplied.


We thought as a club it would be nice to have a bring a share lunch when booking if you can give us an idea of what you might be bringing.


We just want this to be a nice fun session of getting to work with your dog in the water


Overnight camping is available - please ask for more details 


To book please complete the booking form below



To be made in advance to: The Portuguese  Water Dog Club


Bank Transfer: The Portuguese  Water Dog Club

Account Number: 31438441

Sort code: 40-43-37

The IBAN No. Is GB78HBUK40433731438441


Payment Reference:

Please put Waterday and then your family name as the payment reference (e.g. Waterday Allen)



Please email:

Please read the terms and conditions before booking 


Sign-Up Form

Thanks for registering!

Terms and Conditions 

  1. Participants are reminded that water sports participation and open water swimming involve an element of risk and all customers agree to partake in their chosen activity or activities at Lake at their own risk along with their dog.

  2. The Lake is a busy site and there are potentially many hazards, natural and man-made so please ensure any young people and dogs are closely supervised and kept away from equipment and storage facilities. Running around the site is not recommended.

  3. Customers should be in good health, confident in the water, and fit for their chosen activities. Participants must be a strong and competent swimmer.

  4. By signing up, to the event , launching your own equipment, you are confirming that you have read and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  5. Any person suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and deemed to be unfit will be refused permission to take part in any activity or use any equipment or craft on the lake and shall not be entitled to a refund.

  6. All participants must wear suitable buoyancy aids while afloat. These can be provided by the centre.

  7. You are required to notify Lake of any medical conditions that may impede your participation in activities at the Lake. In particular, you should declare whether you suffer from EPILEPSY, ASTHMA, DIABETES, ANGINA or other HEART complaints as well as any contagious condition that may affect others such as Impetigo. If you or anyone associated with you is suffering from any of these or other conditions it does not necessarily restrict participation, but we may require further information before you are permitted to participate in activities at the Lake.   It is also imperative that we are made aware of any severe allergies which may cause an anaphylactic reaction which may include nut allergies, insect bites or stings, or allergy to penicillin etc.

  8. The club/Lake  takes no responsibility for damage to, or theft of, vehicles, personal equipment or valuables bought on site.

  9. No unauthorised BBQ’s or open fires are allowed on site.

  10. Dogs must be kept on leads and under control at all times. Dog fouls must be picked up immediately and disposed of correctly.

  11. At times, you may be asked to come off the water, for instance, during heavy storms, thunder and lightning. For your safety please make sure you comply swiftly with the directions of staff.

  12. Customers must be competent in the use of the equipment they are using, and, in the conditions, they are using it in.

  13. All visitors to the Lake are expected to take all their litter home with them.

  14. Any infringement of these terms and conditions may result in you being asked to leave the site.

  15. Open water swimming carries certain risks, so it is important that you adhere at all times to the rules and guidelines of swimming in Bray Lake.

  16. All swimmers enter the water at their own risk.

  17. All swimmers must be competent in swimming 250m unassisted.

  18. You must enter and exit the water at the specified place and stay within the designated swim route unless instructed otherwise by a staff member of Lake staff.

  19. Do not dive or jump in as the water may be too shallow and cause injury.

  20. We recommend that you wear suitable goggles and a brightly coloured swim hat whilst in the water to help your vision and to make it easier for us to see you.

  21. Anyone swimming aggressively and swimming into or over others will be asked to leave. If you accidentally swim into someone please make sure they are ok and apologise.

  22. We recommend that you wear a wetsuit to aid buoyancy, retain body heat and protect you from water borne infection. If you decide not to wear a wetsuit be aware that this can increase the risks associated with open water swimming and it is done purely at your own risk.

  23. If a problem occurs during your swim session, roll on to your back and signal for rescue by shouting for attention and, if safe to do so, raise an arm in the air to signal for help.

  24. Please be alert for any other swimmers who may be having difficulty. Do not be afraid to ask if a swimmer needs help.

  25. Swimming in open water can increase the risk of ill health as the water may not be of bathing quality and may contain sewage, livestock contamination and pollution from farming. It is important therefore that you: -

    1. Do not swim or enter the water if feeling unwell

    2. Cover cuts, scratches and sores with a waterproof plaster before swimming

    3. Consider wearing appropriate protective clothing such as a wetsuit, gloves and / or protective footwear

    4. Whilst you are swimming, try to avoid swallowing and/or splashing water into your mouth

    5. After swimming, ensure you wash your body and in particular clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water and before handling/eating food

    6. Thoroughly clean cuts or abrasions using soap and water after exiting the water

    7. Clean and rinse your wetsuit, goggles and other swimming equipment after use.

  26. If you become ill after swimming, immediately seek medical help and let them know you have been open water swimming. Please also immediately notify Bray Lake Watersports.

  27. Please take full responsibility for your belongings whilst within the grounds of the Lake.

  28. Children under 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian/carer at all times

  29. Smoking is only permitted in designated areas on site.

  30. Visitors to the lake will refrain from feeding the wildlife.

  31. Visitors to the lake will refrain from throwing any objects into the water.

  32. All equipment borrowed from Lake 32 must be thoroughly sanitised before being returned to us. This is achieved by use of the “Dip & Dunk” station at the kit store.

  33. Visitors must ensure that any equipment that has been used in any other bodies of water, must be thoroughly cleaned before use in Lake

  34. All visitors must report to a member of staff on arrival

  35. Dog must have minimum of third party insurance for public liability.

  36. There will be a bring and share lunch While we take steps to minimize the risk of cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee that any of the products are safe to consumer for people with peanut, tree nut, soy, milk, egg or wheat allergies.

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