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Judges Critique - Club Championship Show - 2nd September 2017

Judge - Miss Sue Tweedie (Rysalka)

Many thanks for the PWDCGB for inviting me to judge the Club show.  I thoroughly enjoyed my day judging, with a super entry and two great stewards.


I was looking for a sound, un-exaggerated fishermans dog, capable of working in the Atlantic.  Overall, I found a great variety in type, with heads being a major area of concern.   Several skulls were narrow, lacking the frontal bones and central furrow, whilst a few had broad but shallow muzzles with no taper.


Body wise, the long rib and short loin was missing in many, with a 50/50 proportion seeming common.  Several of the mature adults lacked depth and width of chest.  Movement left a lot to be desired  in many.  One  thing which surprised me was a number with incorrect front feet and pads, and several had very long nails.  Apart from that, all the dogs were presented in great condition, with few showing evident signs of overuse of the scissors to shape the coat. 


MPD (1,1) : 1. Spencers ISLEKEEPERS FILHO DE CALICE.  7mth black boy.  Very well grown for age, showing much promise.  Good overall shape and proportions.  Strong head and muzzle for his age, with dark eye.  Moved like a typical puppy.  Best Puppy Dog.

PD (3,3) : Three very nice puppies.  1. Bongiovanni & Heard’s ANKORS BADABOUM. 7mth Bl/W.  Lovely confident boy.  Very mature for his age, with a super overall shape, and head developing well.  One to watch.  2: Walmsley’s ROBENGER DUARTE CARLITOS. 10mth Bl/W.  Very flashy, well grown boy with a lot to like about. Good shape and angulations, but on the day I preferred the movement and topline of 1. 3: McGill’s ROLO POLONSKI

JD (3,2)  Both boys were enjoying their day. 1. Pikes BREEZELYN BLUE TOPAZ.  Very promising 13mth black boy.  Well balanced, slightly off square, chest developing well, nice hind angulation.  Typical head with strong muzzle and good proportions.  Moved ok. 2. Woodcocks PEAKFIELDS MENINO DO MAR. Longer cast than winner, but probably one of the best rib and loin proportions of the day.  Liked his overall make and shape and depth of chest, but is very much the old fashioned type who will need time to mature.  Did himself no favours on the move.

YD (0,0) PGD (1,0)

LD (5,3)  1. Matton’s WINTERKLOUD TROUBLE MAKER.  Very honest dog.  28 mths, slower maturing type but coming on very nicely.  Loved his general shape, he is just off square, with nice short strong neck, good rib and loin balance.  Chest still needs time to develop.  Moderate hind angulation.  Nice head proportions, One of the best movers today. RCC.  2. Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s BELLEVILLE ANJO NEGRO.  2 year Bl/W boy.  More mature that the winner.  Quite square with shorter ribs than I would like.  Head still needs time to develop.  Good light movement.  3. Pike RARJO ANY DREAM WILL DO AT BREEZELYN.

OD (4,4) Interesting class, all 4 were different types. 1. Thompson-Morgan & Morgan’s HOOLIGAN SING TO FINLAND FROM BELLEVILLE (IMP).  Love this 3yr old boy.  Not the largest, but very typical, strong and workmanlike.   Super balanced head, with strong muzzle, good frontal bones & furrow.  Short neck on well laid shoulders, deep wide chest.  Good body proportions, with moderate hind angulation.  Best movement today.  DCC & BIS. 2. Bongiovanni & Heard’s CH. ANKORS VASUD.  Totally different type to winner.   Very showy 4½yr Bl/W.  At the top of the height range, he is a more elegant type, with a super depth of chest and front assembly. Longer loin and not as strong in thigh as the winner.  Good muzzle, but would prefer a stronger skull to match.  Excellent movement. 3. Samuelson OLHAO CARLOS CASTRO MARIM.

VD (1,1) Johns CH/IR SH CH GEMSON RABELIAS.  9½ yr  On the smaller, finer side.  Good overall make and shape and proportions.  Today was lacking any enthusiasm on the move.

MPB (4,4) Four babies, not as advanced as the males.  1. Biss ANKORS PRIMAVERA.  Very promising young lady.  7mth Bl/W, not exaggerated in any way.  For her age she is very well balanced with everything coming on well.  Very promising head.  Moved well, BPB.  In the challenge, her movement was more true than the puppy dogs, BPIS. 2. Johns GEMSON PALOMA.  6mth baby.  Very immature at the moment.  Liked her overall shape and proportions.  Will be interesting to see how she develops.  Moved well and was enjoying her day. 3. Armstrong ROWANBRIDGE AILSA BAY.

PB (3,2).  10 mth old litter sisters. 1. Bradley BELLEVILLE ANJO DO MAR. Very naughty young girl.  Mature for age, good overall shape with lovely head, and body proportions.  At the moment, although black, her coat colour appears almost brown. 2. Thompson-Morgan & Morgan BELLEVILLE ANJO DA VIDA.  Bl/W Curly coat.  Not as advanced as her sister, and a slightly different type, being lighter in build.  She will need plenty of time to mature.  At this stage, I preferred the head and general shape of 1.

 JB (5,5).  A class of mixed types. 1. Pike’s BREEZELYN AMBER. 13mth. Very honest bitch.  Not exaggerated in  any way.  Lovely off-square shape, with good front assembly, ribs, loin and hindquarters.  Feminine head of good type.  Moved well.  In the challenge, lost out on maturity RCC. 2. Mardle AULDHELM BIZZIE LIZZIE. 12mth brown girl. Slightly longer cast than winner, with good ribs and loin.  Nice head and expression.  Moved ok.  Another who will need time to mature. 3. Barton AULDHELM RAZZAMATAZZ.

YB (2,2) Two different types.  Both need to gain confidence in the ring. 1. Samuelson SOMEBODY TO LOVE DA PEDRA DA ANIXA (IMP) 17mth black.  At top end for size, she is still feminine and very typical, with a super head, good front assembly, deep chest, good ribs, loin and hind angulation. 2. Hulford WINTERKLOUD LUNAR ECLIPSE. 19mth Br/W. Medium sized girl of good shape and type.  Rangier than 1, and will need more time to mature.  Moved well.

PGB (4,2) 1. BELLEVILLE OLHAS DE ANJO 2½ yr black girl.  Nice typey girl who needs time to mature.  Well balanced, with a good body proportions, ribs and loin. More hind angulation than some. Lovely feminine head.  Moved slightly close behind. 2. Henry & Moody CAO MYSTERYS NILLA (IMP). 4yr curly coat.  Different type to 1.  Taller girl.  Would prefer deeper chest and ribs.  Out of condition following a recent litter.

LB (8.5) Another class with varying type. Movement was an issue.  1. Thompson-Morgan & Morgan BELLEVILLE ASAS DE ANJO. 2yr black.  Best head, chest, forequarters and movement in the class. Very compact, possibly too square.  Deep, wide chest, good ribs and loin.  Would prefer a longer rear pasterns. 2. Armstrong ELSA MAR DA CASA DA BUBA (IMP)  3 yr black. Totally different type.  Very typical fishermans dog.  Beautiful feminine head, lovely shape and angulation.  Moved well.  Unfortunately she was out of condition following a litter, otherwise would have pushed 1 harder. 3. Smith AULDHELM XQUISITE.

OB (6,4) 1. Most even class for type. 1. Bongiovanni & Heard CH ANKORS FREYA.  CC & RBIS. 4½ yr Brown, in super condition.  Top end for size, but still very feminine and unexaggerated.  Well balanced, with deep chest,  good ribs and loin and lovely rear angulation.  Lovely head proportions, muzzle, stop and furrow.  Today didn’t put a foot wrong on the move.  Different type to Dog CC, but still typical fishermans dog.  Dam of BPIS. 2. Green GRANDWAYS MISTIQUE. 4yr black.  Very typical girl of good shape and proportions.  Feminine head, good neck and shoulders, deep chest, good ribs and loin.  Lost to 1 on movement today. 3. Dring & Creffield CH MELFIELD SAUCY SAPPHIRE.

VB (1,1) Green GEMSON ROBERTA GRANDWAY. 9½ yr black.  Very honest girl.  Well balanced, with a nice overall shape and head.  Not moving to her best, but in the challenge, preferred her overall type to her brother. BVIS.


Sue Tweedie (Judge)

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