Online Breed Appreciate Day and Multiple Choice Exam

Sunday 12th June 2022 at 10.30 am via Zoom

The Portuguese Water Dog Club is pleased to be holding an Online Breed Appreciation Day and Multiple Choice Exam. The seminar is for those interested in judging the breed.

The seminar will consist of talks by Breed Specialists, Nicky Bradley and Questions after with Nicky Bradley and Jayne Johns. This will be followed by an online Multiple Choice Exam for those wishing to take part. This seminar is a requirement of the Kennel Club Judges Education Programme.

Attendance Criteria:

To attend the seminar, you must be either

1. an existing CC judge, or
2. have completed the following:

  • Minimum of five years of proven interest in pedigree dogs 

  • Attended a ‘requirements of a dog show judge’ seminar 

  • Attended a ‘conformation and movement’ seminar 

  • Completed a minimum of two full-day stewarding appointments



£7 Presentation only

£14 Presentation and Exam


To book please complete the booking form below



To be made in advance to: The Portuguese  Water Dog Club


Bank Transfer: The Portuguese  Water Dog Club

Account Number: 31438441

Sort code: 40-43-37

The IBAN No. Is GB78HBUK40433731438441


Payment Reference:

Please put MCE and then your family name as the payment reference (e.g. MCE Allen)



Please email Breed Education Coordinator:


Please note that this is training is focused on judging only. If you are interested in grooming, coat care or general enquiries, please direct them to the secretary 

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